Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 06

How can I navigate to a web page in Silverlight?

The following code opens web site in a new window without menu, toolbars and status bar: string url = ""; System.Windows.Browser.HtmlPage.Window.Navigate( new Uri(url), "_blank", "toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=no,resizable=yes"); Note: It seams that for some reason Navigate method does not work in Google Chrome. I’ve tried it in version

Nov 05

Keyboard shortcut of the day #13

Windows Logo Opens Start menu. Applies to: Windows.

Nov 04

Keyboard shortcut of the day #12

ALT + underlined letter in menu Opens the menu. Applies to: Windows, Windows applications with menu.

Nov 03

Keyboard shortcut of the day #11

ALT+SPACE Displays the window’s System menu. From this menu you can restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize, or close the window. Applies to: Windows applications.