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Jun 14

How can I remove a virtual directory in the Default Web Site using appcmd.exe?

Use the following command appcmd delete app /"Default Web Site"/VDir where VDir is the name of the virtual directory / application under the Default Web Site.Appcmd.exe can usually be found in the C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv folder.

Nov 23

How can I determine which process occupies a port?

To find out which process uses a certain TCP or UDP port you can use a tool called netstat. Netstat is a command-line tool that displays incoming and outgoing network connections, routing tables, and network statistics. So to determine which process is listening on port 80, go to command prompt and type netstat -aon | …

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Jan 06

How can I get information about digital signatures of all files in the folder?

The following PowerShell code snippet allows you to get information about digital signatures of all files in a specific folder: Get-ChildItem *.* | foreach-object {Get-AuthenticodeSignature $_} All you have to do is start PowerShell, go to the folder you want to check and run the command.