Jan 08

Spell Checker in Axosoft OnTime

It seems that Axosoft does not intend to implement spell checker in the Windows client for OnTime Scrum Project Management Software. There is however a solution for the problem: AutoHotkey and "AutoCorrect for English" script.

  1. Download AutoHotkey from http://www.autohotkey.com/
  2. Download "AutoCorrect for English" script for AutoHotkey from http://www.autohotkey.com/download/OtherDownloads.htm.
  3. Install AutoHotkey.
  4. Double click AutoCorrect.ahk file in the file manager of your choice to run the script.
  5. You will get a small H icon in the Windows Tray area. If you right click it you will get a popup menu that allows you to edit or reload the script, suspend hotkeys, etc.
  6. Open OnTime if it is not running yet and start typing. If you make a mistake the AutoCorrect script will automatically fix it for you.

The "AutoCorrect for English" script corrects about 4700 common English misspellings on-the-fly (wherever you type them) via hotstrings. It also includes a Win+H hotkey to make it easy to add more corrections for misspellings (see the screenshot below). Of course you can also edit the script manually with a regular text editor. The good thing is that the script will also work in other applications (Notepad, etc.).


I cannot recommend using AutoHotKey enough for other purposes also because it is truly very powerful and useful tool that can save you lots of keystrokes and mouse clicks.