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Label Structure 2.9.5

New version of Label Structure has been available for download for a few days now. Several changes have been made: Label Structure now supports NiceLabel 5 and NiceLabel 6. If you have both versions installed on your computer, Label Structure

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NiceLabel QuickPrint

On November 6th, 2012, a new version of NiceLabel was released. Version 6 (NiceLabel Designer Standard, NiceLabel Designer Pro and NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop) now comes with a new application called NiceLabel QuickPrint. NiceLabel QuickPrint allows you to view all the

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How can I select label print quantity from database in NiceLabel?

Selecting print quantity from database in NiceLabel Pro is quite easy. Run NiceLabel and create new label. Add new database by selecting “Data Access…” option in the “Data” menu to open the “Data Access Functions” dialog box. Once in the

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How can I automate NiceLabel from a scripting language like VBScript or Python?

You can find two examples of automating NiceLabel from a scripting language. The first one is in VBScript and the other one in Python. Both samples do the same thing: run NiceLabel, open label file, iterate through a list of

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Working with Strings in Python Scripts in NiceForm and NiceLabel Portal

Strings are the basic unit of text in Python. Either single or double quotes can be used to quote strings. This can be useful in some cases: s1 = "Let’s go!" s2 = ‘"NiceLabel is the best!", she said.’  

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