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NiceLabel Portal

We have announced NiceLabel Portal today. I am very excited about this product because it brings powers of NiceLabel and NiceForm to the web. NiceLabel Portal allows running complex (or simple) labeling applications created by NiceLabel and NiceForm. Here are

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Variables in NiceLabel – Part 2

How can I create new variable?   There are several ways you can create new variable: Go to the “Variables” dialog box by selecting “Variables” option in the “Data” menu. You have two possibilities here. You can use the “Wizard”

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Variables in NiceLabel – Part 1

What is variable? Variable is a facility for storing data. The current value of the variable is the data actually stored in the variable. In NiceLabel variable can be used in many places: as a source of value for objects

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How can I programmatically get a preview of a label from NiceLabel?

Getting a preview of a label from NiceLabel is quite easy. All you have to do is call GetLabelPreviewEx method of the INiceLabel interface. GetLabelPreviewEx has 6 parameters: file name: full path to the file where NiceLabel will generate image

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Label Structure 2.7

New version of Label Structure is now available from NiceLabel ftp server. So what is new? Information about number of objects, variables, functions and databases is now available. Global variables are now shown in a list of variables. Information about

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