Everything you wanted to know about Text object in NiceForm


Text object displays text. You place a text on a form when you need to identify or annotate another object such as an edit field or when you want to include text on a form. It can contain fixed text or it can get its contents from variable or database field. If it is connected to a variable it will change automatically every time variable value changes. The same happens if a record in a database changes and text is connected to a field from that database.


For every text object you can set a different font properties (like size, style, color and character set) and background color. If you want to fit the bounding box around the text element closely to the object select the “Best fit” option in the “Text Properties” dialog box (BTW – you can open object properties window by double clicking the object or by pressing F2 after selecting the object).


image         image



You can also customize the alignment of text within the text box. There are options for horizontal, vertical and multiline text alignment.




So how can I connect text with variable

The following short video shows one of the ways you can connect text with variable. First we create two variables with some default values and connect them with text objects. Then we add two edit fields that will set variables.


Here is how the run mode of the form looks like:

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