How can I position a form?

When you design a new form you have three choices for positioning it. You can define the exact location by entering the X and Y coordinates (in pixels) or you can position it in the screen or desktop center. The difference between the latter two is evident if you are using more than one monitor.  Using “Screen center” will position the form in the center of the default (primary) monitor and using “Desktop center” will position it in the center of the desktop. If you have three monitors this means it will be positioned in the center of the second one.

Of course all of this is true only if the state of the form window is set to “Normal”. If it is set to “Maximized” then the form will be displayed across the whole primary screen and the user will not be able to resize it (without first restoring it).


You will get all of these options if you open the “Form Properties” dialog box and go to the “Appearance page”. There are three ways to open it:

  • double click the form in design time,
  • go to “File” menu and select “Form Properties…” option or
  • right click anywhere on the form and select “Form Properties…” from the popup menu.



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