Label Structure 2.7

New version of Label Structure is now available from NiceLabel ftp server. So what is new?

  • Information about number of objects, variables, functions and databases is now available.
  • Global variables are now shown in a list of variables.
  • Information about the time that is needed to load a label file can be shown. This is sort of a hidden feature, because you have to press CTRL + T,  when “Label Info” page is selected.
  • Support for changing paths to graphics files was added. This feature can come handy when you have lots of label files with graphics and want to change a location of those file. Usually this would mean opening all label files, changing paths to graphics and saving them. But now you can change them with a few clicks. Select the “Set paths…” option from the “Tools” menu to open a new window:


All you have to do is to enter the old path to the files, new path to files and select all the labels you would like to change. You have to have files in both places (the old and new path) in order for this to work, because paths are checked when label is opened and saved. It is always wise to make a backup of label files first just in case something goes wrong.

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