Label Structure 2.9.5

New version of Label Structure has been available for download for a few days now. Several changes have been made:

  • Label Structure now supports NiceLabel 5 and NiceLabel 6. If you have both versions installed on your computer, Label Structure will use version 6 of NiceLabel to get information about labels.
  • Information about database is displayed if you double click the database in the Databases list.

Label Structure - Database Properties

  • If label is using a form for printing you can now see path to the form file in the Label Info section.

Label Structure - Form name

  • For thermal printers unit of speed is displayed next to the Speed field in the Label Info section.
  • Close button was added to the VBScript window. This window is shown if you double click Visual Basic Script function in the Functions section.


  • Several minor bugs were fixed.
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