Label Structure 2.9

New label of Label Structure utility is now available for download. The following has changed from the last release:

  • Support for sorting objects, variables, functions and databases by clicking the column header was added.
  • Information about functions now also includes a list of input variables.
  • ID column was added to the variables information.
  • All VB scripts can now be extracted from a .lbl file by using Tools->Extract VB scripts from label file.
  • Possibility to add all .lbl files from a selected folder and all subfolders when setting variable length, changing graphics paths, setting printer or extracting VB scripts from .lbl file.
  • A bug in "Set paths" command where not all selected labels were processed was fixed.
  • Support for creating DOT graph files for selected label was added. This allows you to visually see the connections between different parts of a label like variables, objects, and functions. You will have to use GraphViz to view the graphs though.


Label Graph

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