Label Structure Report

Label Structure Report is a small utility that can be used to display the information about a label file. You can open any label created with NiceLabel. Different properties of objects, variables, databases and functions found on the label are clearly displayed in the window. In order for this utility to work you need to have at least NiceLabel Pro 5.X installed on your computer.

You can dowload it from here: Label Structure Report

When you open the program the following window is displayed: 

Next you have to browse for the label file (.lbl) by using the “Browse” button (the one with “…”). When you select the file a preview is shown:


If you click the “Structure Report” button (or press ALT + R) the structure report window is opened. This window contains basic information about the label, its objects, variables, databases and functions.

Label Info

Label Structure - Label Info


Label Structure - Objects

Objects information contains name of the object, type, contents, position, name of the variable connected to the object and some additional info. This additional info is different from object type to object type. For example for text object font information is displayed, for graphics file name and for bar codes the type of the bar code.


Label Structure - Variables


The Databases page shows a list of database access functions used in the label file. For each database a name, description and a driver type is displayed.

Label Structure - Databases


Functions page offers information about functions used. As you can see from the screen shot function name, description and type are displayed. Also names of variables that contain the function result are shown. Some functions have only one output variable (like Concatenate), others have more (EAN.UCC128 for example).

Label Structure - Functions

If you have any questions, suggestions or questions regarding this tool please let me know by leaving a comment.

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