NiceLabel Portal

We have announced NiceLabel Portal today. I am very excited about this product because it brings powers of NiceLabel and NiceForm to the web. NiceLabel Portal allows running complex (or simple) labeling applications created by NiceLabel and NiceForm.

Here are two samples of such applications. First video shows a simple form where user can select a record from a database, set date, define whether she wants to print a logo on the label, select a printer and print the one of two label designs.



Second sample shows that even applications that do not print can be created.


For the client side of NiceLabel Portal you will have to have the latest version of Silverlight 4, Internet Explorer 7 or newer (32-bit version) and you also have to install a small ActiveX component that allows communication with printers. For installing ActiveX component on Windows XP you will have to have administrator privileges.

Since this is version 1 of the product not full functionality of NiceLabel and NiceForm was implemented.On the label you can use Text, Text Box, Bar code, Picture, Rectangle and Line objects. The following barcode symbologies can be used: EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-E(1), GS1-128 (EAN-UCC 128), Code 39, CODE-128 (A, B and C subsets), PDF 417, DataMatrix and QR. For pictures you can use .JPG or .PNG files.”Concatenate”, “Subset”, “Linear”, “GS1-128”, “Date addition”, “ASC (FACT)”, “Link to file” functions can also be used. To make label designs flexible prompt variables, counters, date and time variables and global variables can be used. Properties like prefix, suffix, padding character can also be used.

For designing forms all objects except Button Group can be used: Frame, Text, Picture, Edit Field, Memo Field, Button, List Box, Combo Box, Check Box, Radio Group, Variable Prompt, Database Search, Database Navigator, Table and Preview. Also almost all actions were implemented: “Open label”, “Print label”, “Set printer”, “Set variable”, “Load variable data”, “Save variable data”, “For every record in a table”, “For loop”, “Refresh database”, “Execute SQL statement”, “Import data into database”, “Send data to TCP/IP” port, “Open another form”, “Open document/program” (with limitations), “Quit” and “Execute script”. Since Visual Basic script is not supported in Silverlight, Python is now used as a scripting language in forms.

All printers with Windows drivers can be used for printing.

NiceLabel Portal supports Unicode encoding so you can create multi-lingual form and label designs. You can also use any Windows font during label or form design but you have to make sure that all used fonts are also installed on client computers. If a font cannot be found, Arial font will be used.

Of course databases can also be used (see the first video). We recommend using “real” databases like Microsoft SQL server or Oracle, although text (CSV) files and databases that have OLE DB drivers (like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) are also supported.

For the end I would like once again repeat that I am very proud and excited about NiceLabel Portal because it is very solid, stable product that can solve lots of problems that our existing and future customers have.

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