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On November 6th, 2012, a new version of NiceLabel was released. Version 6 (NiceLabel Designer Standard, NiceLabel Designer Pro and NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop) now comes with a new application called NiceLabel QuickPrint.

NiceLabel QuickPrint allows you to view all the label (.lbl) files in a specified folder and even print them.

NiceLabel QuickPrint

User interface has three main parts.

At the top of the window you select the folder with the label file, refresh the previews, and search label files inside the selected folder.

The main part is occupied by the label previews.

In the status bar at the bottom a total number of label files in the folder is displayed, next to the number of files shown. The two numbers can differ if search field at the top is not empty and the application filtered the previews to show.

Setting Labels Folder

You can manually enter the path to the folder or browse for it. If NiceLabel gets its license from NiceLabel Enterprise Print Manager, you will also be able to browse for folder on the Storage Server. When the application closes a history of used folders is saved, so you can easily select previously used folder from the drop down list the next time you use the application. Folder that was used when application was closed is also used the next time application is opened.

Refreshing Previews

To refresh previews (if a file was added to the folder for example), you can press F5 or CTRL+R or click the Refresh button.

Searching / Filtering Label Files

If you want to narrow the number of label previews shown, you can enter a search / filter term in the Search box and press ENTER or click the search button. Only label files that contain the entered term will be displayed. For example if you would have entered ‘Data’ (without the quotes), only ‘Database Filter.lbl’ would have been shown (for the label files shown in the screenshot above). To again show all of the files, clear the search box and press ENTER, or just press ESC.

Label Information

If you move the mouse cursor over the label preview and hold it there for a second or so, a tooltip will be shown. This tooltip displays basic information about the label, like full name, name of the form (if it is connected to label file), printer information and label dimensions. 


If you want to print the label, just click on the label preview. If the label is configured to use a form for printing (and you have NiceForm installed), then the form will be opened in run mode. For example clicking ‘Registration.lbl’ from the Samples folder would open the following form.

Form opened in NiceForm run mode

You can easily tell if label uses form for printing. Such labels have a small form icon in the top left corner.

Label Preview

If the label does not use the form, NicePrint will be used for printing. This allows you to enter variable values, select database records (if label is configured in such a way), change printer and quantity, before printing.


Tips and Tricks

  • If you select a folder with lots of label files that take too much time to load, you can cancel the loading by pressing ESC key. No label preview will be shown. 
  • To clear folder history, right click the folder drop down and select Clear History from the popup menu.
  • If you resize the application window, the new size will be remembered next time you run NiceLabel QuickPrint.
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Preview in NiceForm suddenly stops updating. What is going on?

If the preview in NiceForm suddenly stops being updated (blank white preview without any data is shown), you should check how many files are there in the Temp folder on your computer. If there are 65535 files in the Temp folder, new files cannot be created. You should remove temporary files that you do not need anymore, and NiceForm will again be able to update previews.

The easiest way to check how many files are in the Temp folder is to type %temp% in the address bar of the Windows Explorer.

Path to Temp folder in Windows Explorer

Note: This problem only happens on computers that use FAT32 file system. FAT32 has a limit of 65535 files per folder / directory.

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How can I open web page from NiceForm, NiceLabel Portal or NiceLabel Breeze?

Sometimes you would like to open a web page from a form that runs on a desktop or even in the browser when you are using NiceLabel Portal or NiceLabel Breeze.

To do that you can use Open document/program action and enter web address as the document/program you would like to use (you can see example below).

Action can be used on a button, picture or on a text that you can present as a link, or any other object.

NiceForm - Open Web Page

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Password Protected Forms – A Warning

As I already mentioned in one of the previous posts, you can protect your forms so nobody can modify them or even view details of actions. You have to be careful though that you do not forget the password, because there is no way you can decrypt the form actions without knowing the password. If you forget the password, you will have to configure form again.

I would suggest using one of the password managers for storing the passwords because these days it is not easy to remember them all. I use KeePass because it is free and I can also use the password database on the Android phone, but you can use any one you like.

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Label Structure 2.9

New label of Label Structure utility is now available for download. The following has changed from the last release:

  • Support for sorting objects, variables, functions and databases by clicking the column header was added.
  • Information about functions now also includes a list of input variables.
  • ID column was added to the variables information.
  • All VB scripts can now be extracted from a .lbl file by using Tools->Extract VB scripts from label file.
  • Possibility to add all .lbl files from a selected folder and all subfolders when setting variable length, changing graphics paths, setting printer or extracting VB scripts from .lbl file.
  • A bug in "Set paths" command where not all selected labels were processed was fixed.
  • Support for creating DOT graph files for selected label was added. This allows you to visually see the connections between different parts of a label like variables, objects, and functions. You will have to use GraphViz to view the graphs though.


Label Graph

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