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What is new in NiceForm 6.0?

Besides quite a few bug fixes, there were several changes made in NiceForm 6. New Look First thing you will notice when you start NiceForm is the new look. By default NiceForm now shows large icons. Also the user interface

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NiceLabel Portal

We have announced NiceLabel Portal today. I am very excited about this product because it brings powers of NiceLabel and NiceForm to the web. NiceLabel Portal allows running complex (or simple) labeling applications created by NiceLabel and NiceForm. Here are

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Everything you wanted to know about Text object in NiceForm

Basics Text object displays text. You place a text on a form when you need to identify or annotate another object such as an edit field or when you want to include text on a form. It can contain fixed

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What is the largest number of objects you can have on a form?

There can be 1024 objects on the form. If you try to add more you will get the following error message: “There can be only 1024 of elements simultaneously on the form. Delete some elements before adding new ones.”. This

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Which image file formats does NiceLabel support?

In NiceLabel you can use pictures in two places: as picture object or as a background picture on the label. In both places you can use any of the following image file formats: Windows Bitmap (BMP, DIB, RLE), CompuServe Bitmap

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