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NiceLabel QuickPrint

On November 6th, 2012, a new version of NiceLabel was released. Version 6 (NiceLabel Designer Standard, NiceLabel Designer Pro and NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop) now comes with a new application called NiceLabel QuickPrint. NiceLabel QuickPrint allows you to view all the

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Preview in NiceForm suddenly stops updating. What is going on?

If the preview in NiceForm suddenly stops being updated (blank white preview without any data is shown), you should check how many files are there in the Temp folder on your computer. If there are 65535 files in the Temp

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Which objects are available in NiceForm for designing forms?

In the current version of NiceForm ( there are 15 objects available: Frame Text Picture Button Edit Field Memo Field Combo Box List Box Radio Group Check Box Variable Prompt Table Database Navigator Database Search Preview   In the next

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