What is NiceForm?

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NiceForm is a module within the NiceLabel Suite edition that enables users to create labeling applications for desktop and mobile environments. Designers use NiceForm to translate complex label templates created with NiceLabel Pro to an easy-to-use data entry interface that offers operators only the data entry options needed to print the label template. NiceForm is easy to use, reduces data entry errors and improves label printing efficiencies.


Designing forms is very user friendly and flexible. Forms can include different fixed or variable objects, such as text, picture, frame, edit field, memo field, combo box, list box, radio group, check box, database table, database navigator, label preview, button, etc. All objects and the form itself are easily customizable so the user can create very good looking forms with different fonts colors and graphics that are easy to use.


Forms have two modes: the design mode and the run mode. In design mode users create and design forms.In the run mode operators can enter data, print labels or execute other actions (currently there are 27 different actions supported). Forms are used as stand-alone Windows applications and require no additional training to master them. They can be easily protected by encryption so that the end users can not change them.


Form in design mode:

NiceForm in design mode


The same form in run mode:

NiceForm in run mode


Actions Editor:

NiceForm Actions Editor


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